Tales that drift and whisper is a collection of instrumental solo classical guitar songs

Constantly hovering between the mystics of nature
and the neverending mazes within my heart.

Released by Le Vele edizioni discografiche (EGEA group)

6 panel cardboard digifile, with 12 pages booklet, full artwork and lyrics. And no plastic inside!

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These pieces were composed over a very long period of time,
and therefore they are like “scenes” along a path,
tortuous, exciting, complicated, contradictory, mysterious
that makes me what I am.
Because of this, they are very personal pieces,
but they are reflected in what all of us have around:
the wandering of the wind, the transformations of the clouds,
the constant repetition of the waves, the silent growth of the woods.


Digital booklet
Tablatures and sheet music [coming soon!]

The wind blows over every thing
from the smallest blade of grass to the highest snowy peak
Just like it caresses these leaves
so life flows within me